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If you’re a fitness professional, public relations guru, manager, graphic designer or marketing expert – Felony Combat is the single best opportunity you will ever come across in your life. We will even pay you for doing what you love, if you’re good at what you do. You talk directly to key staff – there are no form-letter rejections. Check out the positions we’re hiring for – or, if you’re looking for a better way to intern, check out our available intern positions.

Felony Combat offers dozens of career paths to choose from, including: personal trainers, coaches, customer service, operations… a lot of people make our promise of excellent service a reality, and the talents required often outpace the scope of the positions and titles given.

Like making a great cocktail, running a great company is reliant on a simple formula.

Equal parts great staff, great service, and great personal relationships. We believe that recruiting – and retaining – an exceptional workforce is paramount in maintaining the integrity of a premiere athlete performance training facility. Developing the professionals who will lead our company forward to better and brighter future is our primary goal when seeking to hire a candidate.

The only thing we require is that you’re passionate, creative, driven, and respectful of the other staff. It takes zero effort to drop us a line. The talent is there. Its a matter of knowing where to identify the right candidates, providing them with the right opportunity and giving them the knowledge, experience and training to thrive and grow with our firm.

That said, we are very, very picky about who joins our team – but we’ll give anybody a chance. And at Felony Combat, you have the ability to enjoy our unique company culture, our specific vision, and our multi-disciplined approach to athlete performance.

Advancement Opportunities

You know those guys who are always talking crap? We’re not one of them.

Promoting from within isn’t just something we say we’ll do – it’s a promise to our employees that we deliver on. In fact, here at Felony Combat, we utilize an in-house employee development program which includes perks like: paid training, coaching, mentoring, and leadership experiences geared to increase your production, your skill set, and your contributions to the company. Michael Saad built a  global security firm by promoting from within and he brings this ideology to Felony Combat in Dothan, Alabama.

Life rewards the go-getters, and so do we.

Recognition and Incentive Programs

Backpats. Everybody loves ‘em. We don’t give ‘em out like candy, but we’ll make sure you feel rewarded for a job well-done. So we continually boost employee morale and motivation by implementing fresh and new ideas into our ever-changing individual and team reward programs.

Here are some of the programs you may be able to participate in:

  • Incentive-Based Pay Raises | Mad Cash
  • Employee Events | Boozy Parties
  • Spot Bonuses | Padding Your Wallet
  • Employee Recognition Programs | Hand Painted Portrait of You
  • Company Sponsored Training and Development | Teaching You How to Be a Better Badass
  • Supportive Environment | Congrats on Not Working at Initech

Interested? We thought you would be. Check our Career Opportunities or our Internship Opportunities.

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